Department of Thoracic Surgery

Director, Professor and Chairman:Yukitoshi Satoh, MD, PhD


For Outpatients: Reception of Outpatient Ward 2F
For Hospitalized patients: 1st Building 5F


The Department of Thoracic Surgery provides treatment of a wide range of chest conditions such as malignant diseases (lung cancer, lung metastases, thymoma and pleural mesothelioma), mediastinal tumors, diffuse lung diseases, inflammatory diseases and trauma. We perform approximately 250 operations a year. We aim to perform minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, and thus more than 90% of our operations are performed via video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. In the case of advanced lung cancer, we favor multidisciplinary treatments with anticancer drugs, radiation therapy and surgery.

Surgical activities

We fully examine the risks of the planned surgical treatment beforehand and place the greatest emphasis on safety during treatment. We have adopted a team approach for patient therapy. Candidate cases for potential surgical intervention are presented every Wednesday morning at a multidisciplinary team conference of thoracic surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, nurses, pharmacists and residents. Experienced specialists in each field provide treatment with sufficient care. In surgery, we always use the critical pathway method of postoperative management, which makes both surgery and perioperative management extremely safe. Minimally invasive surgery via thoracoscopy for thoracic malignancies is an important procedure in our department. In particular, the indications and surgical techniques of video-assisted surgery for small and early lung cancer are of special interest.

Research activities

We are currently investigating the identification of genetic events responsible for cancer development and metastases of cancer cells and are developing new combined treatment approaches. We have published reports on the clinical and molecular features of lung adenocarcinoma with micropapillary pattern and large-cell neuroendocrine carcinomas. The research program in our department concentrates on the cellular and molecular biology of thoracic malignancies and how to incorporate that knowledge into the development of methods for the early detection of lung cancer as well as new treatment strategies.

List of papers recently published

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